Questions and answers

Is WPS suitable for my organization?

Due to its flexible architecture, WPS is applicable in every industry. From wind energy to process industry to service. Any type of company can use WPS to make work safer.

How do I install WPS?

WPS is a SaaS system that is 100% web based. Nothing is to be installed. A browser and internet connection is enough.

Is WPS easy to use?

A frequently made remark of users is the easiness with which a work permit is requested and created. The user is subtly referred to the most logical next step in the process.

Can I also use WPS on a mobile phone?

WPS runs on any device. It can be used on a computer, tablet, mobile phone and any operating system such as: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc. One can start a request on a mobile phone, uploading pictures or a video from there to the request and switch to a desktop to finish the submit. With the possibility of using the most optimal device for any workprocess makes work with WPS vastly flexible. 

We have several sites, how does WPS handle this?

It is possible to set up your own system for each site. It is also possible to place multiple sites in one system. The different authentication levels known by the system can precisely determine who can see and / or edit in the system. This works both within a single site system and a multiple site system.

Can I put all my rooms and parts in WPS?

A WPS functionality is to create a separate tree structure from sites to parts and integrate it structurally to apply al kind of smart functions.

Do I need to use TRA or safety cards (LOTO)?

An organization can use TRA and / or lockout tagout in WPS as the situation requires. An organization is constantly in motion just like the safety issue. The system can initially be configured without this functionality and will only be activated if necessary.

Can I also see the work permits on a map?

An additional module in WPS is to view all requests, work permits and safety cards on an interactive map. This can be done on a site map or on a world map. This card can of course also be displayed on all devices.

Is my data safe?

All data is securely encrypted via an encrypted connection (https) on our own servers in The Netherlands. The servers are in a private rack space within data centers with 24/7 security presence. We also offer the ability to run the system in a private cloud.