Time saving, cost reduction and efficiency

Time saving

Issuing a work permit by hand takes unnecessary time. When an error occurs you can start over again. Responding to changing circumstances can be frustrating in this way. In a digital environment, there is always a current situation. Changes and adjustments can always be made immediately. Permits can be extended very easily, and in advance be sent to a holder for inspection. There are too many benefits to mention to WPS comparing to a paper version.

Cost reduction

Saving costs is a logical consequence of saving time when creating a permit. The costs savings increase, if making a permit is complicated by changes, errors or adjustments. Also changing or adding questions and actions is very simple in WPS. So if an organization changes its process or new measures are needed, this can easily be done in WPS. Manage dozens of active permits at the same time and keep overview very easy.


WPS is designed where it is convenient, to display a list of pre-entered data. This makes creating a permit easy and quick. For example, determine each user whether he is a supervisor, or create databases of TRAs and isolations and connect it to your hierarchical structure of parts and buildings. So in the proces when you select a part or building, automaticly the right isolations will appear to perform a LOTO.