LMRA in the work permit process

The aim of the LMRA is to identify hazards in one's own workplace and to eliminate risks and hazardous conditions, just before the start of work that could lead to an incident. The LMRA is performed by an employee himself and its benefits are also directly for the employee himself.

WPS can configure the LMRA procedure in many ways within the work permit process. Here are a few examples to give you an idea:

LMRA as the last step before issuing or releasing the work permit.
WPS can be configured in such a way that an LMRA must be performed by the holder of the work permit, whether or not it is mandatory. In this step, the holder confirms the work permit with a click and thereby gives his approval, or possibly a rejection.

LMRA with questionnaire, images and/or documents
Questionnaires can be set up from the WPS system. These questions must be answered in the LMRA step. An image or document can also be uploaded in this step.

LMRA with co-approval or notification
It is possible after the holder has performed the LMRA step in another role (for example coordinator, releaser or provider) to receive a notification and may also have to approve before the work permit is released/issued. The configuration options for LMRA within WPS are countless. You can decide for yourself how strict you want to make the entire process.

Of course we guide you with our expertise and experience in the safety process in the field of process design.