Possibilities and Functionalities

Smartphone & Tablet

The Work Permit System is software ready to use on your desktop computer, smartphone and tablet. Its responsive design makes the system adapt to any device. On all systems you'll have access to the full set of WPS functionalities, including the permits to work. You'll have access to all the data, anywhere.

Filtering, sorting and searching

Applying filters to work permits, task risk analyses and safety isolation cards. Easy and user friendly, using icons and accompanying text. In addition, it is possible to sort columns and search. All of this and more contributes to a very clear overview for the user.


The process automatically keeps track of user actions of work permits, permit requests, TRAs and safety isolation cards. This can be very convenient in a situations where it is necessary to know about the history of a permit.

Integrated corporate identity

An advantage of the permit to work web application is the profound ability to integrate your corporate identity. In addition to a recognisable domain name (including your organisation name) the user's visual recognition of the organization in the application is important.


And many more 

Interactive map
Dashboard and advanced statistics

Task Risk Analysis
Safety or isolation cards
Work permit (PDF)
Labels printing (PDF)
TRA printing (PDF)
LOTO procedure


Question and checklist editor
Tuning notifications settings
Sharing permits, TRA's and Safety or isolation cards
Users: Software actors and rights
Revision history
Safety management system



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