The possibilities

The possibilities for using WPS in different industries and branches are wide. Due to WPS's flexible architecture, we are able to arrange parts of the process differently, apply the "four-eyes" principle between relevant steps and establish roles with appropriate privileges. Also, setting up cosigners, TRA and Lockout Tagout procedure in the process are configurable parameters that, when relevant, become part of the process.

Interactive map

Easily view all activity on a automatically updated floor-plan and/or geographical map.

Detailed statistics

Statistics provide profound insights into your safety management data.


Receive a notification when action is expected of you.

Connecting with other systems

Opportunities for connecting with SAP, Oracle, and other ERP systems.

Planning view

View all upcoming requests and work permits in a clear and useful overview.

SAML 2.0

Login with single sign-on & sign-off through SAML 2.0, reliable and secure.

Secure connection

All our installations are secured by means of SSL certificates.

Locations and parts

Hierarchical structure of all locations, buildings, floors and parts of your company.

Online Administrator

Be in control of the most important and mostly used functionalities.


History of actions

WPS keeps track of who has performed what and when of each request, work permit and isolation card. All data is archived and insightful for users with appropriate privileges.

Filter, sort and search

Filtering requests, work permits, task risk analyzes and isolation cards simply and clearly by means of icons and accompanying text. In addition, it is possible to sort and search columns. An extensive statistics module with a large amount of filter options provides insight into safety management data.



The WPS contains users who perform roles where privileges are linked to. A user can have multiple roles. For example, there are roles as issuers, coordinator, provider, releaser, LoTo authorisers and more. Depending on whether to work according to the '4 eyes' principle, roles, privileges and restrictions can be customized.


This functionality does not apply to any organization its process. Cosigners or co-reviewers are often persons with specific professional knowledge whose expertise depends on the work to be performed.