Way of working

General and cooperation

BlueBear is specialized in developing and implementing tailor-made solutions in a very broad sense of the word, and that is also where the strength of the organization and the services provided lies.

Specifically referred to herein is "services" because BlueBear provides applications (Software as a Service, or "SaaS"). These services are offered via infrastructure managed by BlueBear.

Within all processes and projects, BlueBear consider adaptability, extensibility, safety and availability to be of most importance.

BlueBear strives to set up, develop and implement a system, such as WPS, not only for our customers, but with our customers. It is important that a system fits well with the processes and working methods of an organization, especially when the system works in the area of ​​(work) safety.

With our clients we know how to combine the expertises in close cooperation to realize special projects. With the way we work, we deliver high-quality services.

Adaptability and extensibilityd

In conversations and documents supplied, reference is often made to the "standard" parts of our systems and which components must be developed as "customization". Because the automation of existing processes within organizations is in an ideal way differrent for every organization, "standard" is actually not a widely used term in system development within BlueBear, since the development process is based on these differences and none of the installations of our systems the exact same has been arranged.

As one of the basic concepts in the development, and therefore also present in the core of the developed systems, adaptability and extensibility are largely taken into account. With this approach, "standard" components can be expanded relatively easily, and parts that would be "custom-made" in other systems are integrated in such a way that they become part of the "standard" in a configurable way.

Safety and availability

BlueBear takes information security very seriously within its operations. Safety is central to our software development and is a primary consideration in all other business processes, we have a large safe margin in our standards and procedures.

The software platform and the systems developed thereon are available from servers owned and managed by BlueBear, located in Hengelo, the Netherlands. These servers are equipped with and based on stable software that is known to solve security problems quickly, which are then implemented as quickly as possible on the BlueBear servers. The systems, the platform and the servers are configured specifically for safety and high availability and are therefore always available and are constantly guarded and monitored. To provide services and transfer data, recent and reliable security protocols are used.

Based on the wishes and requirements of the customer, an isolated environment is set up, as a result of which this information and services are isolated from other customers. If desired, these servers can be set up redundantly at two different locations, both in the Hengelo area, the Netherlands. In addition, periodical backups of the information on these servers are made to a third location in the same region, where this data is only available by the BlueBear system administrators.