Permit owner becomes digital in workpermit and/or LoToTo process

In the latest update of WPS, various new features and functionalities have been added. Below we discuss the new possibilities for digitizing the permit-to-work owner.

With WPS it is possible to fully digitize the work permits, increased risk (TRA), LMRA and lock-out, tag-out, try-out process. The permit owner can be involved in the process in three different ways. On an occasional basis where open fields are filled in, as a user of WPS or as contact from a contact database. In all cases, the owner can sign digitally. WPS is a completely web-based system, so it is also possible to handle all back-end matters flexibly and quickly. For example, a owner can be added to WPS at the last minute from a smartphone and thus immediately be included in your own safety process.



Permit owner with a WPS account vs. owner without WPS account

WPS, owner without account (login)

For some organizations, maintaining all external contractor users (owners of the work permit) is not necessary or desirable. For them, the free entry of these owners per work permit is sufficient. WPS supports this and also offers the possibility that the owner can digitally sign the work permit and simultaneously register an LMRA. In this way, the entire process can always be processed completely digitally with little administration.

Some advantages WPS without an account:

  • less administrative work for admin user
  • owners without a login can still draw digitally
  • steep learning curve for owner
  • no special equipment required

WPS, owner with account (login)

WPS also offers the owner (such as an external contractor) ) to be a user of the system. The owner can log in to WPS and, for example view all his/her permits/requests and take actions on this if needed. This option is useful if an external contractor regularly carries out assignments with the associated applications and work permits, TRAs and LMRAs.

Some advantages WPS with account:

  • owner has a lot of insight into the safety process and can perform various actions himself.
  • This eases the work of the coordinator or releaser
  • owner can look up requests, work permits, TRAs, LMRAs and isolations
  • owner can add the necessary certificates to requests/workpermits
  • more logging data available for analysis

Owner performs LMRA to confirm the release step

Due to the versatility of options in WPS, the owner can be digitally involved in the process in various ways. It is now also possible to add very simple steps that previously often took a lot of time. For example, it is now possible to activate an LMRA step that the owner must perform before the work permit is released. This LMRA step is logged in the system. But you can also think of entering a text and description or an image/photo or a combination of all options.

With the latest update of WPS, another step is taken in further making a process secure and simplifying it. An additional and important side effect is time savings and safeguarding of entered data. With these new configuration options, we can further optimize in a process that is desirable for an organization.