To ensure employee safety, employers are required to identify and evaluate the hazards of the work. A risk inventory and evaluation describes the processes and activities within the organization. To get a picture of the risks associated with a particular task or activity, a task risk analysis (TRA) is performed.
The existing process is defined and then analyzed for safety aspects. For each activity, the risks are identified, as well as the measures to be taken to minimize risks.
Within WPS, the requester of a permit is guided through a process with a number of steps. In most cases this can be set up in such a way that a TRA "from scratch" is not necessary, because the risks in other steps are sufficiently inventoried. WPS has the possibility to generate a TRA “from scratch”, for example on the basis of a certain increased risk.

TRA integrated in WPS permit to work system

In WPS the TRA’s can be managed and re-used. The re-use of task-risks can automatically be generated by WPS triggered by location or type of work.

TRA can use different risk assessment methods

The TRA module can use different risk ranking methods like Kinney & Wiruth (also often called Fine and Kinney), FMEA, HACCP, HAZOP etc.

TRA database

By storing previous TRA’s in a database the TRA’s can be re-used and automated in future risk assessments.